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Welcome to Good Days, formerly known as Chronic Disease Fund. We’re evolving as a foundation and so is our name. Good Days befits the optimism in our strength and core of our goals. It reflects our unique role promoting healthy living and embodies our work ensuring that Good Days are ahead for those who suffer from chronic illness.

Patients & Pros is an innovative offering from Good Days that assists patients and the medical professionals that support them in finding financial help. We are dedicated to providing financial options for those who qualify for one of our programs.

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The Patient and Pros Portal helps patients stay on track with their medication treatments by providing quick and secure access for both patients and their providers to each patient's treatment regimen, dispensing history, and medication usage. It provides reminder tools and an interactive calendar to help patients manage their care and allows them to check the balances of their funding grants and track payments that have been made.

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With our unique payment systems, patients and medical professionals receive funds quickly, often in the same day!

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