To apply as a physician or a member of a physician’s practice, we will need the following information:

  • National Provider Index (NPI)
  • Office’s Primary Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Primary Specialty
  • Office Phone Number

Note that we use the National Provider Index (NPI) to provide easy registration for practicing physicians. The registering physician must have a current NPI registration with

You may enroll a physician whether you are the physician or if you are a member of the physician’s office.

Why We Need the Providers Information

Our system is built to allow many combinations of real-world practitioner business offices. Combinations such as a doctor that has multiple offices with different staff, or staff that supports multiple single doctor offices are common and supported. There is always one central theme; the patient is seeing the doctor.

As such, our system links patients to their doctor, not the office they are seen in to handle these real-world situations. When the doctor belongs to an office with staff, their staff can see the information for the doctor's patients. When staff is added or removed from that office, their access privileges are immediately activated by your local office administrator or the doctor. Have multiple doctors in a single office? No problem, staff can see all of the patients across all of the doctors in the group.

  • As the doctor provides the data restriction, they are automatically administrators in the office, and may change the account staffing or leave the group at will.
  • To protect patient data:
    • Newly added doctors cannot see patient histories until they are validated by one of our Partner Managers via phone.
    • Existing doctors cannot be added to new offices without using the share code provided on their contact screen after login during the transfer. 

To use social networking analogies:

  • You have a Unique Login: The login you create here should last you a lifetime, even as needs change. Today's doctor may be tomorrow's patient, staff may change offices, and doctors create and leave practice groups all the time.
  • Self-Administration: The doctor is in control of their office staffing; they control their "friends" and who they share their data with.
  • Share Code Protection: Anyone can say they are your friend, but only you can choose if they actually are.

A member of GoodDays Client Services will contact you to validate your enrollment.

I have read and understand that I am starting a Data Agreement for Patient Health Information
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